CSV Import

This guide shows how to import data from a CSV file into a form.
1 Go to Samples app

Go to the Samples app using the Apps menu.

2 Select a favorite folder

Find or create a folder to hold sample files. Click on the star icon next to the file name to make this a favorite folder.

3 Select favorite folder

Select the folder in the Favorites dropdown list to reduce screen clutter.

4 Select the Custom order sample

Select the Custom order sample using the samples menu.

5 Select all files

Use the select all tool to select all files to copy.

6 Copy files

Click the big arrow tool to copy all files to your local folder. The namespace used in the data setup file will be customized to your account if the Convert ownership checkbox is selected (recommended).

7 View the data file

Select the "Custom order.nsdata" file and click the pencil tool. This will take you to the Forms screen in the Smart content app.

8 View the order form

Click on the order tab to display data entry controls for this order.

9 Open CSV import wizard

Use the Copy data from CSV... menu item under the more menu (3 vertical dots / Auto fill) to open a CSV import wizard.

10 Allow filter to turn off

Accept the default option to turn off the form filter. This ensures all mapped data is copied even if it's not currently used in the report. Click Next.

11 Select CSV to copy from

Select the "Customer survey results.csv" file to copy data from using the Select path... button. Click Next.

12 Select row to copy

Select the first row to indicate which values will be copied into the form. Click Next.

13 Map CSV columns to fields

Click on a column name in the CSV and then on the corresponding field in the order data. A line will show this mapping and allow you to change or delete it. Repeat until all fields are mapped.

14 Confirm all mappings

When all mappings are correct click the Finish button to copy data into the form.

15 Complete remaining fields

Four field values were copied from the CSV. Fill in the remaining two fields to complete the order.

16 Save data

Click the Save button to save the merged data to disk.

17 All done

That's it for this guide. Now you can run the report, or use the data for other purposes (e.g., to help process the order).

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