Open Graph

This guide shows how to generate Open Graph metadata to improve website visibility on social networks.
1 Go to the Samples app

Use the Apps menu to go to the Samples app.

2 Navigate to an empty folder

Use the file tree to find an existing empty folder to work with, or create a new one using the plus menu under the file tree.

3 Make folder a favorite

Click on the star icon next to the folder name to make it a favorite.

4 Select favorite folder

Select the folder in the Favorites dropdown list to reduce screen clutter.

5 Select Open Graph sample

Select the Open Graph sample to display all included files.

6 Select all sample files

Use the select all tool to select all sample files for copying.

7 Copy all files

Click on the big arrow to copy the files. If the Convert ownership checkbox is selected, the data setup namespace will be changed to something unique to your account (recommended).

8 Go to the Smart content app

Select the _demoData.nsdata file and click the pencil tool. This will take you to the Forms screen in the Smart content app.

9 Show Open Graph form

Click on the OpenGraph form tab to display the form.

10 Enter Open Graph data

Change the demo data to something new, or keep the current values.

11 Open export dialog

Return to the Generate page using the magic wand form tab. Use the Export Open Graph metadata... menu item under the export menu to open a file save dialog.

12 Specify file name for export

Specify a file name to export to using the standard Windows or Mac file selection dialog.

13 View Open Graph metadata

Open the exported *.html file using a text editor to view the metadata, which is embedded in HTML using meta tags within the head element. If you open in a browser by double-clicking it will display as a blank page (the file has no content).

Whoever or whatever publishes your website (team member or tool) should be able to work with this file. 

14 All done

That's it for this guide. Enter new data and export as files as often as you like.

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